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What People Are Saying About Steve Beck


Everyone from my company has taken or will take your seminars. You’re my #1 resource in developing others to be great leaders!


Larry Williams
President / COO
Financial Education and Development, Inc.



Dear Steve, 

I have attended many continuing education presentations and other workshops, but yours, hands down, is the best. I loved your energetic and humorous presentation.
 From the program I took away: what we say and do has great impact on others. I am a high school paraprofessional. I do what the teachers cannot, not because they are not willing, but because they don't have the time or the training. I also teach, I use the term loosely; a study hall full of energetic hormonal freshmen; whose learning curb is astronomical. They are constantly upset for me making them work smart not hard, do their homework, treat each other with respect, and when they use the Lord's name I remind them of God's goodness and love for them. The God police have not showed up as of yet. Montana is still the Wild Wild West!
 My husband says it costs him a lot of money to keep me in this low paying job that I love so much. I want to thank you for sharing your story and pointing out how simple it is to make the difficult choices and follow through on them.


Mary C.


I really enjoyed your motivational seminar last night! I have really been feeling down in the dumps lately but you really changed that. I would like to get all your material and present them to the President to review.Again I can’t tell you how energized I feel this morning.

Have a Great Day!

Mary F.


Things both at home and at work have changed dramatically for me. I have your card with a blue dot laminated and have one with me at all times. It is a great way to remember your teachings and affirmations to review for the day. I do affirm everyday and make it a point to great the people in my day and make sure I relate the positive impact they have on my life and my day. It has been encouraging to see the many people at work use your teachings on a daily basis. I do believe our climate is beginning to show change.
 Our superintendent just accepted a new job and we will be looking for a new leader. One thing I have noticed is the more positive attitude among the staff. Granted change is scary and there is worry related to the unknown, however, it is nice to see folks compliment him on his new job and the professional challenges that he craves. Prior to our workshop with you, I doubt we would be seeing that. There is more talk about being a team and representing that image during the process to identify a new leader. It is really amazing and heart warming.

Thank you so much!




Hey Steve!  
 I thought I'd give you an update on our "achievements" this past fiscal year. It's accurate to say my team finished in the top 3% of our organization, out of some 275 competitors, so pretty good. Thanking you for the inspiration you provided falls short of expressing my gratitude. 
 We had a total of 20 Performance Measure Goals for which I'm held accountable. We "aced" all 20. Again, pretty good. 
 The fact is, my team of assistants did all the heavy lifting. They are the stars. They met and exceeded every goal set for us, and that was no small task. I doubt you remember, but we serve the "over 55 crowd who live at or below the poverty level". They are, arguably the most difficult group to serve. We still accomplished more than 97% of our peers. 
 Your seminars were an inspiration. You provide me a needed nudge, a kick in my butt, right when I needed it. Thank you. I appreciate what you do, and how you do it. 
 Again, thank you for being you, and sharing your mission. 

My best wishes, 


Mr. Beck,

I wanted so much to be able to speak with you after last friday's session and tell you how much i enjoyed our time together. i have been at this library for 20 years and have attended every single one of the in-service days held and i can truly say your presentation was the best ever. thank you! i'm certainly trying my best to follow your excellent techniques and will continue to do so. again, thank you for your insightful presentation and i hope i have the occasion to hear you again at some time. the best to you and yours.



Hello Steve,
 My observation to other people's body language has increased a bit and more
 so everyday. I sometimes catch myself correcting what i'm doing wrong. then
 i realize i'm having my own conversation about what im doing wrong while
 talking to another person. Makes me laugh when I think about it so I'm still
 working on that. Also working on not taking things personally, a little hard
 but I'll get there eventually.
 I'm a glass-half-full type of person but it can be very challenging
 sometimes. Affirming my day keeps my mood and confidence up. Trying to teach
 my husband to leave his funk at the door and to affirm his day...we'll see
 what happens.  Thank you for all that you do. Keep it up and keep changing people's lives!



I always say Steve Beck changed my life. xoxo



Your seminar was by far the best, most uplifting seminar that I have ever attended. Your great attitude is very infectious, and feeling the effect that it had on me makes me want to be a better person every day. Your motto "Leave the funk at the door" really DOES work! I have made it a practice to have a good attitude as soon as I walk into the doors of my work, and I can actually feel it rubbing off on my coworkers! If I start the morning out right, this largely affects how the rest of my day will go. Thanks for your uplifting email and for the reminder to make every day a great day!!



Good morning Steve,

I have actually made a few changes, I now officially have a bed time! I just bought a day planner and plan to begin using it asap. Meditation is starting to become regular routine and I am still working out some kinks, but I am feeling better about personal and work life. I think with time, effort, persistence, and consistency I will blossom this year and I have steady feet on steady ground. I appreciate every word my ears were blessed to hear from you, and I thank you for taking time to share YOU.

Thank you,



Steve, thanks for checking in!

Yes, I'm focusing more on the positive than the negative. It's amazing how that changes the focus of my day. I now get up when the dog gets up at 5 and go for a walk. I spend that time walking appreciating the weather (most of the time!) and focusing on the things that I am thankful for. I've found that I'm more relaxed, my blood pressure is down, and I'm more happy in my job and with my personal life.

Looking in the mirror and telling myself that I'm just fine the way I am was a little 'strange' at first, but as the days have gone by, it's not so weird. And YES! I'm making my bed every morning!

Mary L.



Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar!

I have to tell you, affirming my day each and every day has changed my outlook on not only my job, but my personal life as well.

I have found my passion for my job again and what a difference it has made for my entire staff! It starts and ends with me. I am now positive and energetic and it is so contagious!

On another note, I listen to my kids more effectively! Your presentation on how it can affect your family at home made a HUGE impact! I was exactly what you portrayed.

Now, when I pull into my driveway, before I even turn my car off...I repeat 'I am positive, let's make a great family night!' It works! I cannot wait for the next session!  And yes, I make my bed each and every day!!

Thank you so so much!



Hey Steve,

How are you doing my friend? I have been following your advice and am a better salesman because of it. I hope you are well.



Dear Steve,

I would like to thank you for your seminar. What I learned in your seminar, I just found out about this year. I have always wanted to lose weight and I always told everyone and myself that I don't have time. Instead of saying I don't have time, I have 24 hours in a day and 16 hours are taken up with work and sleep, so that leaves me all the time in the world! I have been working as hard as I can with myself and my work and am glad to say I have lost over 42 pounds and over 10 inches in my body. I'm a happier person, and I love my new life. The one person I have to thank is you for showing me that I was going down the right track and I just needed that little push to continue.

Thank you again,




You are the best. After the training today, I couldn't wait to get back to my desk and re-do the personality profile to make sure I answered the questions correctly for me. The exercise alone helps me understand myself better and those that I work with. What an Aha! moment for me.

By having these recurring seminars, it helps drill in differences between us and ways to work or live alongside others that are different than you or that you've struggled to work with. I'm more excited to be involved these days and am finding more job in everyday relationships because of your teachings.

I took a lot of things away from today's training, but the two best for me were:
 1. "Stop wanting others to change - it will lower your stress level". I could add to this "try to understand where they are coming from, you'll be happy with the result".
 2. The personality types "ways to work with other personality types" (page 8) of your handout. We were all taught to play well with others. Well, working with them is a bigger challenge. This tool is well needed.

You are the best. I saw you years ago along with Zig Ziglar a couple of times, and it's people like you that help us re-invent ourselves into the human beings we were meant to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!




I was at your talk last night at St. Anthony Memorial Hospital in Effingham. I just wanted to say "thank you" for the well-done presentation. I was needing a real pick-me-up, or maybe I would say an attitude adjustment. Sometimes I think we just get in a slump in our lives and we need someone to slap us and say "WAKE UP!". You did that for me, and I wanted to say thank you for that.



Hi Steve,

I signed up for a Time Management seminar at work, and had no idea what I had REALLY signed myself up for. I didn't realize that my whole life would change that day because of the "Beck Effect". Who knew that something like "affirming my day" would set forth a tornado of positive energy in my house, within my family, at my work, with my friends, and most importantly, in myself...have you ever been so happy that you cry? And for maybe no reason other than you're being alive and thankful for life? I have learned how to affirm my day by making sure that I continue to think and believe that I am the nice person I want to be, the strong person I want to be, the thin person I want to be. I have GREAT kids, GREAT neighbors, GREAT friends, and a SUPER GREAT husband. Those positive parts of my life make it very easy to smile while I'm on the treadmill, smile at work, and take life in stride on a positive path. I can say that in the past 3 months, I have finished a kick-boxing class, run a 5K, bought (and used) my kayak, flew to Denver for a weekend to visit relatives, and lost 6 pounds. HOW? I have created a way to discipline myself with a smile on my face and enjoy life to its fullest.  Thank you Steve Beck, I have learned how to "affirm my day", "be thankful for what I have", and how to "do the Pilot Walk" anywhere I want to.

Forever grateful,


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