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Hard Cover Book By Steve Beck
Nationally Acclaimed Keynote Speaker

Customer Service is NOT About The Customer!
Thought Provoking Self-Assessment Exercises Included!
Techniques to re-energize your personal growth in your life and on the job.

Discover proven concepts to enhance your career
Embrace the five most important needs of you customers

Realize when you create happy customers, the big winner is YOU!

It's the perfect time to Leave Your FUNK At the Door

Taking Care of Customer #1

~ A 5%increase in Customer Loyalty can increase profits up to 80% ~
~ 97% of Angry Customers can become loyal customers if their problems is settled to their satisfaction ~
~ The Quiet Customers who walk away after experiencing an unsatisfactory "Moment of Truth" will likely become ticking time bombs of negativity ~
~ When you stop caring about Your Customers, your customers stop caring about you ~
~ The person who benefits most from creating Loyal Customers is...YOU!

A New Perspective to Improve Your Life

Leave Your Funk At The Door

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