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"Everyone from my company has taken or will take your seminars. You’re my #1 resource in developing others to be great leaders! Thanks!"

~ Larry Williams, President/CEO, Financial Education and Development, Inc.

Awakening People to Their Maximum Potential

Through Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops & Training

Keynote Speaking

Steve's keynote presentations are designed to fit your content, your time frame, and your agenda with 100% high energy and total commitment.

His job is to provide you with a hassle-free experience... Not just to entertain, but to actively engage and educate your participants with targeted information and inspiration, so when they leave... they implement.

When his Keynote Presentation is over, your people will approach you and say, "WOW! Where did you find this guy?"

Seminars, Training & Workshops

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Steve's Clients Include

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Steve Beck
Steve Beck
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Steve's Seminars, Training and Workshops are entertaining and educational. Participants realize if they have a Great Day Every Day, they will naturally encourage everyone around them to ‘Have a Great Day’ as well. Steve talks about the importance of Firing Up Every Day and how to Leave Your Funk at the Door®.

After his sales training seminars and workshops, participants are amazed how their sales have increased and they are better at managing their time. After his customer service seminars participants are actually excited about serving their customers and co-workers.


Managers, Supervisors and Owners acquire new ideas, which can be implemented immediately to lead their teams effectively and efficiently to success.

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