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Our Normal State


Let’s talk about normal – normality, and let’s look at a baby.


When a baby has its diaper changed…when a baby is rested – has a nap…when a baby has been fed, what the normal state of a baby?


I know you know this: they’re happy! They’re smiling. They’re having a great time! Life is good!

What happened to US?!


And you say, “I got married!”, or “I just bought a truck, the payments are…!”, or “I’ve got teenagers!”


No, no, NO.


Your normal state…wait, have you had your diaper changed today? (Yeah, I know…)


Have you eaten? Do you get a nap once in a while? Yesss!


Did you get enough sleep last night? Yesss!


So…you should be in a good mood. You should be happy! You used to be, back in the day, when you were 6 months old, or a year old…!


Let’s be happy – like babies…let’s have fun – like babies!


Have a GREAT week!

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