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"It's In the Details"


Tina Fey is one of my favorite comedians - I love this woman!


Here’s a quote from her:


“We would proof our pages like they were going to the Smithsonian. We would check every detail on a set. It doesn't matter if it's a school play or a dumb TV show, it's your work.”


I'll add, ‘It’s your life!”


You should care about it so much that people get annoyed with you. You want to make sure you cross your T's and dot your I’s so when you're done at the end of the day it's like, “Wow!” and people who work with you say, “I love working with him!” “She is fabulous!”


That’s what they’ll say if you get the job done correctly and work on being perfect.


All right, game on!


Have a great week - see you next week.