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Steve Beck Weekly Motivational Series

"Wisdom from Eden"


There was a birthday party at my house, and my great-niece came over – she’s 9 years old. The adults were in one room, the kids were in the other room, and she said, “Can I have a piece of paper and some markers?” I said, “Sure.”


I didn’t ask her to do this – here’s what she came up with. Let me just read this to you, what she put in each one of the shapes in the drawing:

Be helpful.

Be kind.

Be caring.

Be thankful.

Be joyful.

Be healthy.

Be happy.

Thanks For Watching

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Steve Beck Shorts

She’s a little motivational speaker! What do you know. She has great parents, she’s a great kid. She’s a GREAT kid. Eden. Her name is Eden Louise. So, Eden Louise: thank you for inspiring me, and thank you for making a Beck Short here!


All right! Hope you all have a great week…good wisdom from a 9-year old!

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