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"Water In The Desert"


You want to incorporate a time management system into your life, so you know where you’re going to be today. Tomorrow. Next week. This month. This year.


I do Life-Work Balance seminars, and I include time management information into that seminar.

Why? Because if you’re in charge of your time, you’re in charge of your life.


You want to make sure you remember that time is like water in the desert. You only have so much, so you want to maximize your time. Make the most of it, so at the end of the week, end of the month, end of the year, you go, “YEAH.”


Treat your time like the valuable resource it is. Doing that is up to you.


Those of you who do it, keep it up. Those of you who don’t do it? Get started. There’s no time like NOW.


Have a great week!

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