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Selective Input

This week I want you to be mindful of what you're inputting into...your brain, through your eyes.


Are you watching the news? Are you watching too much of it?  Nobody wants to admit it, but it can be like driving past a car accident: you know you don’t want to see what’s happened, but sometimes you can’t help yourself!


The news is going to tell you all the bad stuff. And the sit-coms are kind of silly.  I mean, they don't call it the ‘boob tube’ or ‘idiot box’ for nothing.


Be careful: because garbage in = garbage out. 


Be careful... because you have to digest what you're inputting. 


So, watch how much negative television and "news" you're watching.  AND you want to

input GOOD stuff...that which serves you so you can have a GREAT day...every day.


See you next week.

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