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Let Them Laugh

I did a seminar at First Security Bank in Bozeman, Montana. After two hours, a woman comes up to me – she’s about 75 years old and so cute – and she said, “You know, all the things you talk about, like being positive and making a difference in people’s lives?” She said, “I do it. I do it!” Then she put her head down and said, “But they laugh at me. They laugh at me!”


I said, “Well, I understand they laugh at you. We live in that kind of society – a critical and a wise-guy society.” I said, “You’re not gonna stop, are you? Because they laugh at me too for being positive! You’re not gonna stop, right?”


She looked back up at me and said, “Nope.”


I gave her a big hug! I said, “Good! I’ll keep being positive, you keep being positive, and we’ll see what we can do.” It was a wonderful exchange.


If you're positive, be careful. They’ll make fun of you. So what?! Let them!


Continue to stay positive. You’re going to affect people in a positive way.


Let’s do it!

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