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The YES Button

Remember the ‘Easy’ button that office supply company used in their commercials?


I recommend you get a ‘Yes’ button and pretend your ‘Yes’ button is like the Universe answering any question you may have!


It should be obvious: You want to make sure you don't ask the ‘Yes’ button the wrong question, like, “Am I gonna have a terrible day today?” “Well, yes!”  See, that's a problem!


So, you want to make sure you ask it the RIGHT question. Here’s a great question we can all ask:


“Are we going to have a fabulous week this week? A great month, a great quarter, and a fabulous, wonderful, successful year? All of us? Everyone watching this AND me? And everyone we know?”


“Yes.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” “Absolutely?” “YES!”


There you go! It’s the ‘Yes’ button. Have a great week – well, now you can’t help it, right? We’ve got the answer!

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