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If you find yourself being upset by politics out there, or the negative news, or the “fake news”, or stuff like that, maybe you might want to give yourself a break – back off from the news and social media and things like that.


I know on Facebook and Twitter there's all sorts of stuff about politics, and who said what, who didn't say what, who's doing what against who, and who's banging heads with other. It’s also true in the news: it's like negative news for the first twenty-five minutes, and the last five minutes they've got this sweet story...but the first twenty-five are like, “Wow!”


A psychologist friend of mine recently asked, “Are you stressed out? Because I'm getting really busy with a lot of people that are stressed out. They're getting freaked out about what's happening out in the world!” I said, “I don't really take it too seriously, but I know it's happening...!”


So back off from the social media; back off from the news. If you’re having anxiety, if you're stressed out...back off from it. Unplug. Relax. Read a book. Go for a walk.


Take a breath, take it easy, and have a great week.

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