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"Up To Bat"


Our lives are a lot like playing baseball. Hear me out…


Every day, you get into the batter's box, and you take up your stance and the bat in your hand is your opportunity, okay? What comes at you – the ball – is that day, say, Monday. So, you take your best swing!


Next day, that ball comes at you - it's Tuesday. Next day's Wednesday…next day's Thursday!


Every day you’re in that batter's box, and you have an opportunity to hit a single or a double or a triple or even a home run! If there's a lot of people around you cheering you on, you might even hit a Grand Slam!


So, this week when you get in that batter’s box, I want you to take that bat and you FOCUS on that day. You HIT that ball. I hope you hit the cover off it. I hope you hit a home run every day. I hope you hit a Grand Slam this week!


We’re up: step into the batter’s box. Let’s do this!

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