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Steve Beck Weekly Motivational Series

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"Emulate & Succeed"


You want to be successful in life? No problem!

Here's how you become successful: you watch people that are successful and

emulate them. I’ve done it my whole life.

Of course, it depends upon your definition of success. Some people think

success is money and cars and big houses…my definition is a little tamer.


It's having fun and having enough money to pay the bills and having a great wife and kids and having fun and laughing a lot…and I’ve achieved that. I love my life!

So, that's my success in life. I don't need millions of dollars (of course, don't ask my wife: “That would be nice!” she says!) I don’t need a bunch of cars (I drive a 2005 Infiniti), but I’m happy and I feel like I’m successful.

Pay attention to successful people you admire, and then emulate them – do what they do. It works!

I hope you have a great week this week, and we'll see you next week.

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