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"Communication Circle"


Communication. Completing the circle.


Let’s talk about that.


I recommend that when you have a project your boss gave you, you get back to your boss right away. Text them, email them, phone them - give them the ‘thumbs up’ to let them know it's done. That's completing the circle.


Let's say your boss's boss gave your boss something to do and your boss delegated to you, and then you got it done…but you never got back to your boss. So, your boss’s boss says to your boss, “Is it done?”, and all your boss can say is, “I think so…I mean, it should be!” Not good. Your boss is going to look like a jerk, like they don’t have it together…not good. Not good.


You want to make sure you get back to co-workers or your boss or friends right away. I mean, just give them a ‘thumbs up’ in a text – it doesn’t take a lot!


But sometimes, when you don't get back to people, they don't know if you received the message. They can’t put their life on you receiving the message, so you want to complete the circle of communication. Let people know you received their information, and if they gave you a task to do, let them know that task is complete when it’s complete.


Completing the circle of communication. That’s how the best companies become the best – they’re really good at closing that circle – that’s what they do.

Have a great week.

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