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Brian Tracy says, “If I had to pick one key to success, it would be self-discipline.”

I started off at the beginning of last year by saying, “I will not have the five ‘C’s’: cake, cookies, candy, chocolate, ice cream.” I said I’d do that for the whole year, and I did.

I went to the doctor recently and got my physical after I made that change about 1-1/2 years ago. My doctor, who’s the same age I am, said, “Hey, in men our age, your PSA (prostate) scores go up – yours went down! Your cholesterol numbers went down 20 points! You’ve got the chart of a 30-year-old!”

I’m like, “All right!” (Let’s make it a 40- or 50-year-old, but he did say 30!)

This was because I added that discipline in my life. No cake, cookies, candy, chocolate, ice cream for the whole year. Was it easy? Most of the time it was – but sometimes it wasn’t.

I recommend you add a little discipline in your life and see the results – see the benefits. It works!

See you next week!