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An Attractive Example


Every day, you’re setting an example for others. We’re all looking at each other and watching each other every day, and we’re ALL setting an example for each other.


You want to set an example of elegance…grace… So, when people look at you, they think, “I like her”, “That guy is great!”, and they almost want to BE you.


That’s what being attractive is really all about: people are attracted to your personality. They want to be around you because it exudes out of you: that elegance…grace…honor…trust…positivity. When you meet people like that, don’t you find yourself drawn to them?


Don’t take it lightly! I don’t. I want to make sure I’m in a good mood, and that I share that good mood with everybody I interact with throughout the course of the day. You can affect people in a negative or a positive way.


You want to make sure that effect you have is positive – that you’re setting an attractive example.


Let’s do this!

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