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"Laughter Quota"


Question: how many times does a pre-schooler laugh a day? Pre-schoolers are what, 3 and 4 years old? At 5, they go to kindergarten, but at 3 and 4, how many times do you think a pre-schooler laughs a day?


You’re right! The answer is 400!


I want you to fasten your seatbelt. How many times does an adult laugh per day – what do you think?


Ha! I hear some of you saying “3”, or “10”!


No, it’s 12 – 12! So, we went from 400 to 12?


What happened?


“I just bought a truck, Steve!” “You should meet my wife / my husband!” “I’ve got teenagers, man!”


Listen, I understand: we’ve all got problems. Laugh a little more, will you? Laugh. Have fun with your life!


Have FUN this week. I will too.