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Game On!


You want to look at your life like an athlete.


An athlete gets ready for the game: they work out and stretch and all that, and they hit the field? Game on.


You can look at your life the same way. When you enter your job, or you go into your office at home (since a lot of people are still working from home), then your foot hits the field and it’s ‘Game on’.


Before that, you get ready. Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Wash your hair. Look good! Some people are working from home and they’re still in their pajamas! Are you kidding me?!


Some of us might be working from home forever. And if you are, you want to get up in the morning and get prepared. Look at starting your day like an athlete starts a game.


The best athletes? They get prepared for their game.


Make sure YOU get prepared for your day.


Game on!

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