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"Let The Laugh"


A while back, I did a seminar at First Security Bank in Bozeman, Montana. A couple hours into the seminar, an older woman comes up to me – she’s about 75 years old and so cute – and she said, “You know, all the things you talk about, like being positive and making a difference in people’s lives?” She said, “I do it. I do it!” Then she put her head down and said, “But they laugh at me. They laugh at me!”


I said, “Well, I understand they laugh at you. We live in that kind of society – a critical and a wise-guy society.” I said, “You’re not gonna stop, are you? Because they laugh at me too for being positive! You’re not gonna stop, right?”


She looked back up at me and said, “Nope.”


I gave her a big hug! I said, “Good! I’ll keep being positive, you keep being positive, and we’ll see what we can do.” It was a wonderful exchange.


If you’re positive, please stay that way. Remember, the people who make fun of you for being that way have NO idea what they’re missing. Their loss! You keep letting your positive light shine, and make it a point to affect people in a positive way. You’ve got this!