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"Everyone Has A Story"


One of the things we have to realize in life is that we're all in this together. That the people you live with, the people you work with, even strangers – they’re going through the same things you're going through.


We’ve all got issues…we’ve all got problems. Everybody's got a story. Everyone’s got a story, and some of them are sad and some of them are difficult and some of them are incredibly painful. It’s so important to recognize that fact – we’re all affected in one way or another.


Be considerate of other people's feelings today and every day, and always make the effort to treat people with kindness, knowing that they've got a story behind that beautiful face of theirs. Sometimes the people who mask that story the most effectively are the people who need our kindness the most.


Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be considerate. Because you never know who needs it.


I will too. Game on.