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Steve Beck Weekly Motivational Series

Thanks For Watching

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"Mother's Day 2023"


I want to just say “Thank You” to all the mothers for all you do. 


Thank you for being there and supporting us when we needed you. 


Thank you for being there when we scraped our knee or elbow when we fell off our bike.  Or, when we got a D on an exam.  Or worse yet...when our boyfriend or girlfriend dumped us, and we thought it was the END of the world.  But you were there for us. You HELD US in the palm of your hand, and you told us, "Everything is gonna be fine". 


Thank you for all that.  All the mothers in the world, all the women in the world...who've taken care of us...thank you.  We might not say it, but we appreciate you.


Hope you had a great day yesterday; hope you have a great week this week.

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