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I'm going to guess that most of the time you're smart - and sometimes you're not.


Most of the time you're graceful, and once in a while you're clumsy.


Then, you're mostly kind, and once in a while you can be mean…and you're sweet, really sweet, and sometimes you can be snarky.


I think you get the idea. The question is: what do YOU focus on?


I highly recommend you focus on things like being smart and graceful and kind and sweet and strong and fast.  


Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff…and knowing, knowing, knowing that once in a while you can – and WILL - be the opposite of those. We all are. That's the way it is.


Focus on how wonderful you are. Today, tomorrow, all week, all year. Focus on how fabulous you are. I will too. 

Have a great week.