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An Inside Job


I’ve often had people in my seminars say to me, “I'm not happy Steve.”


When I ask, “How come?”, the responses usually always have one thing in common: they’re talking about everything ‘out here’ – external forces that are conspiring to affect their happiness.


Let me tell you something: your happiness is inside.


My brother Tom says, “Happiness is an inside job”…and he’s right.


It's inside, and it's up to you to bring it out so that you can be happy. And when

you're happy, I guarantee you're going to share it with others so you'll make a positive difference in the world!


I highly recommend this week that you bring out your happiness. Don’t let those outside forces affect you - you want to realize it's inside and it's up to you to bring it out. And when it comes out and you’re happy, share it with others. See what happens!