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Nolan Ryan


Baseball season is getting started - it’s a good time to consider the example set by baseball great Nolan Ryan, who was a pitcher for the Texas Rangers. Ryan had thrown six no-hitters – a HUGE deal in baseball. He was 44 years old, and he was a month into his 25th season.


He left his house that day with a blister on his middle finger – his pitching hand. He had a bad back. And he said to his wife before he left the house, “Honey, I’m feeling old today.” That day, he threw his seventh no-hitter.


Here are some questions we can all ask ourselves:


  • Do you have a blister on your throwing hand today? Your throwing finger?

  • You got a bad back?

  • You feel old today?


C’mon. Let's work on pitching our own no-hitter today…or maybe even a perfect game.


You work on it. I’ll work on it. Today, tomorrow, the whole week.


Let’s do this!


See you next week.

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