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Steve Beck Weekly Motivational Series

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"Rock Their World"


If you’re a manager, a supervisor, or a team leader, you want to treat your people like everything they do really matters, and that they’re really important.


And if you treat them like they're really important and what they do really matters, they’ll appreciate it.


And if you have people that appreciate you and what you do, they'll run through a wall for you.


They'll run around the earth for you.


They'll do anything for you.


I have had good bosses and bad bosses. The good boss: I would do anything for them, I want them to look good. That was my job - to have them look good!


The other bosses? Oh man, what a drag it was to go to work.


So, if you're somebody's boss, rock their world and you'll see what happens: they WILL appreciate it.


Have a great week!

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