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"Accountability Partner"


I had a teacher in life that said, “On your own you will not make it.”


Think about that, then get an accountability partner. Get somebody that is going to support you on achieving your goals.


I used to have a friend in California as my accountability partner. We used to talk on Monday mornings at 8:00 am my time – 6:00 am his time!


On Sunday night, I’d send him what I was going to do in the coming week, and he’d send me what he was going to do, and then we’d go over those lists on Monday morning.


He’d say, “What about this, you’ve been writing this down every week – what’s going on here?”, and “What about this, how did this go for you?” I’d ask him similar questions about his list, and I accomplished a LOT in those few years we were together as accountability partners.


It's SO important. It’s got to be somebody you trust, someone who is going to hold you accountable. Meet once a week and see how your year goes. I’ll bet you have one of the best years you’ve ever had.


Get serious about it – get an accountability partner and see what happens.


See YOU next week.

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