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"Why A Great Day?"

Here's how you can tell if people want you to be having a great day out there in the world - the customers you’re dealing with - how do you know they want you to be having a great day and doing a great job?


Let's turn it around.


Do you expect the mechanic working on your car to do a great job and have a

great day that day? Well, yeah!


Do you expect the teacher teaching your children or teaching you in your MBA program to be doing a great job or slack off? You’re going to say, “No! I want them to be doing great!”


You're getting a root canal - you want that dentist to be having a great day that day. Right? YES, you do! Or you’re having surgery getting your knee replaced - you want the doctor to be having a great day…you bet!


If you're moving across the country, do you want the movers to be careless and bang up your furniture – or do you want everything treated just right, with lots of care like you would if you were moving it yourself? Then you definitely want them to be having a great day!


Those customers out there expect you - just like you expect them - to do a great job and be having a great day.  So, this week: Rock their world! Rock those customers worlds! And your co-workers and your family too!


Have a great week.

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