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"Your Future Is Calling"


Good morning and welcome to this week's Beck Short.

Imagine you got a phone call from The Future. Would you answer? What kind of questions would you ask?

I KNOW I’d answer. And I think I’d ask - for all the people who watch these Beck Shorts every week – what good things are coming their way? Health... prosperity... the Earth... are things going to work out for them? For me? For ALL of us?

I also have faith in what The Future would say. “OK, so it's gonna be rosy and positive and fabulous, huh? Great! Well, thank you, Future! I appreciate it – talk to you soon! We’ve gotta do this more often!”

And there we have it! The Future says don't worry about a thing. It’s all set! It looks good... looks rosy... looks positive. You... me... everybody - we’re in good hands!

See you next week!

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