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Awesome Affirmations


I  did a seminar in Bayonne, New Jersey for a company; I was there April, May and

June. When I’m there in April, I tell them at the end: “Listen, I want you to affirm your day. Talk to yourself in a positive way at the beginning of the day, OK? Great! And when I get back in May, the first thing I’m gonna do is ask you how your month went as far as affirming your day.”


May comes, same company. “Hey, how did it go?”


A lady raises her hand and says, “Not me Steve, my son. He’s six years old, in first grade. They were teaching him cursive and he couldn’t get it. It was very frustrating - he couldn't get the letter in front the other. It was all dyslexic, a learning disability, and they were gonna hold him back, Steve. I began to affirm my day and he began to affirm his day – and he figured it out. He figured it out!” I said, “Good for you – forget good, that’s great!”


Next month, same company, same group of people. “Hey, you guys been affirming your day?”


Same lady raises her hand, and I said, “I remember you, you've got a six year old first grader.” She said, “Steve, they’re putting him in an accelerated program.”


If it can work for that six-year-old, it can work for you too.


You want to affirm your day. Talk to yourself in a positive way at the beginning of the day and throughout the course of the day. Keep talking to yourself in a positive way. I call it playing offense versus defense. Don't wait to get sick, say, “I'm very healthy!” and don't get sick.


Affirm your day and see the results.


Have a great week!

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